Do I D.I.Y. Inflating My Balloons?

The short answer - it depends.

In our last post, we highlighted how easy it can be for party decorating to go off the rails on the day of the party despite the best laid plans.

We also appreciate that booking a decorator is not the right fit every time. So, here are our best tips for making the decision - 

Do I D.I.Y. or Hire a Professional?




  • Use the kit anytime and therefore are not limited by our store hours.
  • Use the kit anywhere, ideal for a country wedding, for example.
  • It is less expensive than picking up the same quantity inflated in our showroom.
  • No delivery fee.
  • You can be a part of the decorating process and get hands on with it all.
  • If you can inflate onsite, you do not need a van/truck for a large order.
  • Please do not choose this option if you or helpers are allergic to latex.
  • You need to allow 1 hour to inflate 50-100 balloons.
  • You may run out of helium, caused by not ensuring a tight seal of the balloon neck around the regulator during inflation, or over-inflating balloons.
  • Balloons are easily popped if you are not familiar with handling them, so you may run out of balloons to finish your design.
  • Your balloons may not be all the same size (and therefore, float for the same length of time) if you are not precise when inflating.
  • Sore fingers from tying balloons is a common complaint.
  • Some people find it difficult to use the inflation tank and regulator.
  • Balloons need to be inflated on the day, so it can add to what may already be a stressful day.
  • Inflating balloons needs plenty of time and space.
  • You have to return the cylinder when you are complete.
  • Venue ceilings - may be too high and/or have a rough finish, making inflation onsite impossible.
  • Giant balloons are quite difficult to handle, and it is not easy to determine how much inflation they need as it is difficult to measure the width as you inflate. They are are also very difficult to inflate with the standard width regulators that are provided with helium tanks.
  • Foil balloons require a different valve for inflation and are not guaranteed by the manufacturer if they are not inflated on a professional valve.
  • Helium cylinders are high pressure equipment, and there are some dangers in transporting and handling a full tank at your venue, especially during a busy set up, or if children are nearby.
  • Helpers sometimes disappear part-way through the set up, have other commitments or just don't show.
  • Cheapie balloons are often smaller, so do not float as well or for as long, they have smaller necks and more difficult to tie, and the colour is often inferior. Smaller balloons also need to be inflated much closer to your party start time as they stop floating sooner. 
  • Not all balloons are suitable for helium.
  • You may under or over-inflate some balloons as you start, which creates an uneven design finish.
  • Balloons are made from natural materials and have occasional imperfections, so you need to allow for around 10% extra just in case.


  • We do all the work for you.
  • You don't have to return any equipment
  • You receive balloon designs and decorations prepared with the industry's best quality balloons, ensuring they
    • look amazing
    • are true to colour
    • float or stay inflated for the planned time. 
  • When you order a certain quantity of balloons you will receive the number ordered. We cover the cost of replacing damaged/imperfect balloons.
  • they will look consistent for the design required.
  • When you choose our experienced professionals, our well-trained team can bring the industry's creative best in design and concepts to choose from to give that fresh WOW factor for your occasion or event.
  • You are limited by the size of your vehicle. You may need to bring more than one vehicle or rent a van/truck.
  • You may have limited visibility while driving.
  • You are limited to picking up your balloons during our store hours. For large orders, check with our team on alternate pick-up times.
  • Balloons may pop during transport, or you may lose some if they escape
  • Balloons are affected by heat and environmental factors, so you need to take them straight to the venue. Do not leave them in your vehicle for long periods.


  • You don't have to worry about a thing - we will have exactly what you ordered, delivered where you want it. And, we pride ourselves on delivering on time, every time.
  • We provide a comprehensive event set up and installation service for all of your event or wedding, not just the balloons.
  • If something happens to your balloons in delivery, we fix or replace them so they are perfect for your function. We know balloons; we always carry as balloon kit & spares.
  • The delivery fee

You are always welcome to discuss your decorating plans with our experienced team. 

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