Helium Balloon Tank - Hire


Helium Balloon Tank Hire

Helium tanks in this tank-only package are booked on a 3-day rental (balloons not included). This package is perfect if you have specialty balloons and just need to inflate them with helium.

Our tanks are a durable product, provided as a rental item. In Melbourne, many councils do not accept disposable canisters, and we always recommend durable over disposables for sustainable parties & events.

If your balloons are printed, they can be designed to be inflated "neck-up" or "neck-down". Please check this before deciding whether air or helium inflation will work for your balloons. Commercially sold printed balloons are usually printed neck down for helium inflation.

Regulators & Inflation

If you do not have a regulator, you will need one. Please choose from our balloon inflation regulator options if required.

If you have a lot of balloons to inflate, consider hiring several smaller tanks and a regulator for each. You can then set up several inflation stations for all your helpers for a faster job. When setting up your inflation area, consider:

  • space your inflation stations out - inflated balloons take up lots of space
  • your helpers will need a small table or bench for balloons, ribbons, scissors, etc.
  • accurate balloon sizing - too big and they pop, or you run out of helium, too small and they do not float to their optimum time
  • where will the inflated balloons go? Is the ceiling likely to pop the balloons? Is it too high to retrieve balloons without extra long ribbons? What about wind?

Why D.I.Y.?

  • Many companies give a child a balloon as a treat after a trip to the dentist, etc. Our helium tanks can be booked for long-term rental and 'kept' on-site at your clinic or reception area. Please ask our team about custom logo printed balloons to give your visitors.
  • You have balloon helium ready-to-go for any special occasion that may arise.
  • You do not have to worry about how to transport lots of balloons in your vehicle.
  • you may not be able to collect inflated balloons on the day of your party.
  • To save your pennies for your other party needs.

Long Term Helium Tank Rentals

Many clinics, retail stores, property developers, etc, rent our helium tanks on an ongoing basis, and love our no-monthly rental fee packages. When your tank runs out, we simply replace it. Inflate just a few balloons each month, or many hundreds, you only pay for the helium you use.

Please contact our team for pricing. Purchase and hire of the full range of regulator types are available for your particular requirements.

Important Note About Purchasing Balloons Online

Our party balloons available for sale online are the same freshness and quality of the balloons that we use in our event & venue Décorating service. You can expect them to last up to 16-20 hours. Some balloons available online elsewhere are of either inferior quality, only designed for air inflation, or are old stock. Please be aware that balloons are made from sustainably sourced latex, and DO deteriorate over time.

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