Events & Sustainability

Our Approach to Sustainable Events

Care about the environment? We do too.

We have installed solar at our warehouse, we recycle, reuse, compost minimise our footprint on the environment wherever possible in our business ... and in our events.

We are passionate about providing our customers with the eco-best choices when it comes to choosing supplies for your party, wedding or special event.

We are proud members of PEBA – click here for more on balloons and the environment.

How can PFM Events help you and the environment for your next event?

  • Support locally made – our catering foods are sourced from as locally as possible. We are big believers in minimising use of transportation to get our food to you. You can also be reassured that the vast majority of our food comes from Australian (and Victorian) farms and prepared under Australian quality guidelines.
  • Choose rentals or durables over disposables – more on rental items here. Ask our team about great decorations including re-lightable candles, lanterns, and other great decorations.
  • Buy in bulk – less packaging & fewer trips to the shops
  • Balloons – choose from our stunning range of air-only or helium-filled fully biodegradable and sustainably produced balloon decor. As active members of PEBA, we do not support balloon releases for any reason and encourage the public to consider alternatives for outdoor events. Read more here.
  • Choose eco-grown – this includes fully compostible products like our famous bamboo plates, bowls, cutlery, presentation ware, packaging (noodle boxes, lunch boxes, etc) & food accessories (skewers, etc). 

If you are organising an event outdoors or in the park, we can organise fresh food platters, grazers and pre-packed lunch or snack boxes to order. Our high quality polycarbonate glassware are great for garden parties, beach weddings, pool parties and wherever OHS, quality and minimising waste is important.

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