White Tablecloth Hire - All Sizes


White Tablecloth Hire 

Tables come in all sizes and shapes. So do our cloths. Cloths are professionally cleaned and pressed.

Includes standard cleaning and one-day hire.

Check other tablecloth colour, size, shape and coverage options.

Cloths can be posted.


  • if guests will be seated with legs under the table, consider ordering a cloth that does not reach the ground. This helps your guests to pull up their chair without catching on the cloth or tucking it in with their napkin.
  • It also stops the cloth from draping on a dirty or wet floor, especially in the great outdoors.
  • For presentation tables, eg, registration, buffet, food stations, wedding party table facing the room, drinks stations, consider ordering two cloths for a single table and draping in the opposite direction so that you can drape the cloth to the floor where it will be visible. The space under the table can also double as extra storage for those working at the table. Short-sided cloths can look like a mini-skirt.


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