Set of 2 Crystal Glass 30cm Clear Square Display Trough - Hire


Set of 2 Crystal Glass 30cm Clear Square Display Trough - Hire

This Crystal Glass Low Rise Trough is a premium trough vase or display container, offering the ideal short height for visibilty across the table over the top of the decorations. Short, even height florals and foliage look fabulous with this design. Ask our stylists for a custom, finished solution for your table or display area.

Pair with our small stand signs for effortless table numbering.

Add a personal message or custom signage to a side or all of the sides.

Use upside-down with a mirror plate atop to create an enclosed floral display.

This clear vase measures 6mm thick, 30cm wide, 30cm deep, and 15cm high. Internally, this vase measures 14.3cm tall, 28.7cm wide, and 28.7cm deep. Each corner of the base has a clear rubber pad. This vase is also available in a rectangular form in two sizes.

Please note: Due to the way this vase is constructed,  it requires a waterproof liner for wet arrangements.


External Width: 30cm

External Depth: 30cm

External Height: 15cm

Internal Width: 28.7cm

Internal Depth: 28.7cm

Internal Height: 14.3cm

Glass thickness: 6mm

Clear rubber pad at each corner.

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