Mini Veggie Burger Slider Packages *Free sauce


20 Mini Slider Burgers with Veggie Pattie

*Free sauce with our packages

When we created our mini burgers, we wanted mini foods guests could eat cocktail-style, standing up with a drink and no plate. These patties and buns are just the right size for finger food, and you will find they are just a little smaller than sliders that need a plate.

Mini Veggie Burger Packages

Our mini veggie burger D.I.Y. package includes:

  • 20 mini burger buns (v)
  • 20 mini vegetarian burger patties sized to match the buns
  • sauce (burger sauces are gluten free, vegan)
  • extra long toothpicks to hold your little treats together
  • just add fresh sliced cheese and baby lettuce

Other Mini Burger Options

  • Gluten free sliders can be ordered, check our listing on the website.
  • Custom food picks can be made to order, ask our team.

Our beef patties, falafels and veggie patties and dipping sauces are halal.

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