Gourmet Grazing Platter - Half Metre


Gourmet Grazing Platter - Half Metre

Make plenty of space in your fridge ... and on your entertaining table - our gourmet grazing platter is half a metre long.

Featuring premium catering delights including a seasonal dip (vg), soft cheese round, 3 more seasonal cheeses, prosciutto-wrapped rustic grissini sticks, premium deli meats, fresh and dried fruits, premium marinated vegetables, stuffed olives, belle peppers. 

Each platter ordered comes with a complimentary drygoods mini platter including premium crackers, lavosh, artisan bread.

Dietary Choices

  • Gluten free crackers option
  • vegetarian option

Finishing Choices

  • baby greens/lettuce
  • greens wtih edible flowers
  • seasonal accents
    • chocolates for Valentine's Day
    • Christmas canapes
    • pretty flowers for Mother's Day
    • 'Greener than a leprechaun' foods for St Patrick's Day
    • chocolate eggs for Easter
    • gold and green feature foods for National sporting events and the Olympics

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