Fruit Salad Waffle Cones


Fruit Salad Waffle Cones (10)

Bored with fruit platters? Choose delicious, seasonal fresh fruits served in a waffle cone at your event. Waffle cones are vegan, dairy free, nut & palm oil free, with no GMOs, no artificial colours or flavours. Our fruit cones are prepared and served onsite for freshness by our catering team at your party.

These are a clever choice for childrens parties for a healthy, yet super fun and colourful dessert option. Ditch the ice cream.

Serve up after your wedding ceremony as a refresher before the evening party.

Customise your Waffle Cones

Customise with coloured cone wrappers, either plain or custom finished.

Our Waffle Cone Station ramps up the fun factor with optional toppings, including fruit coulis, chocolate toppings, passionfruit drizzle, nuts, and not so healthy sprinkles, chopped candy and more. Listed separately. This catering option can be customised to your event. If you are looking for custom styling for your event, ask our team.

This item must be prepared onsite for freshness.


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