Dragon Tree Plant Hire


Our strappy marginata dracaena plants are real, standing 1.3 - 1.6m tall, and supplied in a simple black pot. There are 4 plants to a pot to provide a lush green screen or border. Leaves are strappy, ends are soft (not sharp). The colour is a vibrant green with accents of maroon along the edges of the leaf.

They are best suited to indoor or for short term use in outdoor settings. They do not handle extreme heat or cold. For multi-day events, they will need some watering.

White Terrazzo Pot Option

Choose our white matte finishe, terrazzo planter pot option for a clean modern finish. The design is finished with crisp white pebbles. The white pot adds an extra 12cm height to the design. We install the pot and pebbles, coir or other trims onsite, so please allow us time and a space for this at your venue.  Installation time is not included in plant hire cost, and will be calculated according to your final order and venue specifics.

We can source pots and planter boxes to suit your event style and requirements. Please contact our team. Varying height displays and visual barriers can be enhanced with pot stands. Please check options listed, or contact us for a custom solution.

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