Live Dragon Tree Plant Hire


Real Dragon Tree Potted Plant Hire

Our strappy marginata dracaena plants are real plants and supplied in a simple black pot. There are 3 or 4 plants to a pot to provide a lush, modern green screen or border. Leaves are strappy, ends are soft (not sharp). The colour is a vibrant green with fine accents of maroon along the edges of the leaf.

They are popular choices for many TV shows and movies due to their versatility.

They are best suited to short or long-term indoor settings or short-term use in outdoor settings. They do not handle extreme heat or cold. For multi-day events, they will need some watering.

Consider the environment & rent.


Choose from our range of planter pots and baskets for a customised styling for your space. Choose from our troughs to create a more solid styled wall, divider or barrier.


Height: approx. 1.3m (may vary a little between pots)

Width: approx. 0.8m (may vary a little between pots)

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