Wedding Aisle Custom Floral Designs - POA


Wedding Aisle Hanging Artificial Floral Designs - Hire

Stunning and eco-friendly floral arrangements to line your wedding aisle, chairs or pews.

Each wedding location is different. Florals in a garden will need different choices to a beach or church wedding. We give you full carte blanche through the selection process to create your perfect finished design. You can select from our wide range of white and/or coloured florals and foliage with non-floral accessories and accents. No ugly visible cable ties, just beautifully and sturdily finished designs with a ribbon or hook to attach.

What we love ...

  • custom finish and design
  • custom colour palate
  • out of season flowers are always in season here
  • we can install
  • can be designed to be shipped or collected for self-installation
  • rented florals are great for your budget as they are less than fresh
  • infinitely more designs are possible with faux flowers and foliage than with fresh 
  • renting is good for the environment and the venue's waste bins

Our plants imbue a modern, luxe look and feel to enhance your guest experience in your space. We custom create each floral piece to your size, specification, colour, style and budget. Fantasy colours and styling with recoloured plants, leaves or flowers can be ordered.

They are popular choices for weddings, used to define elegant aisles, table centrepieces, feature plants at a welcome station or dessert table. They are also popular for funerals and other ceremonial settings, and used in TV shows and movies due to their versatility.

Add to cart with a note about your plans and desires, and we will be in touch, or ask our team about styling options and a custom consultation tailored to your setting and event or occasion. 


Selecting our installation service is ideal for most clients. Consider:

  • destination wedding
  • where you want it all done for you so that you can focus on the other million things that are also important for your special day
  • if you have a busy day ahead with lots of 'moving parts'
  • a large wedding - just moving everyone into and out of the location can take up most of the allotted time
  • church hall turnarounds - many popular churches only offer a 1/2 hour between one service and the next, which has to include guest arrival and departure along with any decor installation and removal

Our team will come prior to access time, can quietly start the set up whilst the previous group are departing, and we are there at the end of the service ready with the packing tubs to remove everything when you have already departed.


This option is perfect for non-local installations where we either cannot come to you, eg, remote locations, long distances, and where the local florist is not offering what you are looking for or available.

The floral pieces are premade, with ties or attachment points, ready to hang or place into your setting. We also include a cheat sheet information card for easy installation by your handy helpers.

Working with Fresh Florists for a Seamless Wedding Style

Sometimes a local florist may not be able to provide an extensive 'whole of wedding' service. If you like their work and want to support them, we understand. We can work with them to complement the fresh florals they provide for your personal florals, eg, bouquets & buttonholes, with our rental pieces which can be shipped in advance.

DIY Installation

This is a great budget-saving choice. Couples often choose our silk florals with fresh florals for their personal items like bouquets and buttonholes. If this is you, be reassured that we work with your fresh florist for a seamless style for your special day.

We arrange for pick up a week before your wedding, so please allow for their arrival and storage (in the boxes provided). Longer times can be requested, subject to stock availability. 

The floral pieces are premade, with ties or attachment points, ready to hang or place into your setting. We also include a cheat sheet information card for easy installation by your handy helpers.


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