Chalkboard Message Board - Hire


Chalkboard Messageboard (Hire)

Greet your guests with your own personal message. The chalkboard can be placed on a stand, a table or easel. can also be used to create your theme - Décorate & adorn to your personal event style. This rustic, simple message board chalkboard is available for hire & is a great way to create a space for your welcome message, seating plan, dessert buffet opening times, or other important information. It has a fine width aluminium frame around the edges. Rental includes a tub of chunky sidewalk chalk in pastel colours, a packet of white fine chalk or a white wet chalk marker. Other marker colours are available for purchase for highlighting or text contrast for your communique. You can lean your message or seating board against a wall, table or chair, or we can organise an easel. Please ask our team about easel rental. Some venues may have an easel available. We also offer small scale chalkboards in several shapes & sizes, from individual place setting size to buffet table size, available for purchase.

Please note: any Décoration or adornment that requires affixing products other than masking tape or using writing materials other than those provided may damage the board. Please discuss your styling plans with our consultant to protect the board from damage that may cause loss of your deposit.

Consider the environment - rent.

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