Polycarbonate 285ml Conical Beer Glass Hire (Replacement cost $6)


Polycarbonate 285ml Conical Beer Glass Hire

Quality polycarbonate glassware is a popular choice for corporate, community and private events where OHS considerations preclude the use of glass, and the environmental impact of disposable glassware/waste removal is of concern.

What are our polycarbonate glasses ideal for?

  • concrete floors
  • poolside
  • parks and gardens
  • anywhere glass is unsuitable, eg, OHS locations
  • eco-friendly - reduce waste by renting quality durables instead of disposable glassware

Glassware is beautifully formed and you can feel the quality of the item when held. Supplies are limited and demand for our rental glassware is high, so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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