Stackable Large Drinks Tub - Hire


Stackable Large Event & Drinks Tub - Hire

Heavy duty, 68L grey food grade drinks tub for Hire for your Melbourne event offers a waterproof drinks tub. 

Tub can be stacked or nested for transport and storage.

Our drinks tubs help keep beverages cool for the duration of a function with the addition of ice. They fit under standard trestle tables and are stackable for efficient use of your floor space at a larger function. Drinks tubs are waterproof, but will produce condensation if holding chilled products or ice. A rubber-backed absorbent mat is provided for greater safety, however, consider having some tea towels or a mop may in very humid conditions.

They are not suitable for keeping food cold or hot. If you are planning to store food, our commercial food coolers will provide better insulation. 

We recommend to book the absorbent,. rubber-backed mat if using for chilling drinks on your nice wooden floor.

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