99 Red Balloons ... Why?

How many balloons do I need for my party?

one red balloon ice rink Melbourne"99 balloons" is a magic number for party decorating. Any fewer than around 100 do not create much impact. And, of course, red is a striking colour!

Is this a 'rule'? For us, there are no rules, just what works for your setting and mood. There are lots of amazing, effective ways to decorate with balloons. Our team are seasonal, trained experts in event and party balloon decorating. Smaller numbers of balloons work well for smaller size parties, and smaller size party guests - younger children can be overwhelmed with too many balloons. Air-filled loose balloons can be a fun alternative.

People often ask for loose balloons. This Is a no-fuss way to create a party atmosphere. Just order, collect (or have us deliver), release and you're done.

There are lots of alternatives, and we often find customers choose these instead. Some reasons why ...

  • You need a lot more loose balloons to create a similar impact as some cleverly chosen arrangements - and a larger car to collect them with

  • Loose balloons are 'up there' in the ceiling so often are missed from pictures

  • Many of the venues we decorate have lofty high ceilings where the impact of loose balloons is largely lost on the guests, even with longer ribbons

  • From time to time, there is a helium shortage. Air-filled options may be a clever choice. In fact, with spect for the environment, we maintain a focus on developing lovely helium-free party decor designs.

How many balloons will fill my space?

9 standard balloons will fill in a 1m square space. 

Our team are always here to provide quality advice of or decorating options for your occasion. Bring or email us your venue pictures, and let's get styling.

Are balloons good or bad for the environment?  More here ...

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