Balloon Garland FAQs

Elegant, high impact balloons for any event!

How much does your balloon garland cost?

Balloon garland pricing starts at $80/m for standard colours. Options to consider to create a truly unique design:

  • custom colour balloons (from $98/m)
  • printed balloons
  • custom accessories, eg, foliage, florals, balloon shapes

In addition, we offer a wide range of backdrops and photo wall frames, custom signage, character balloons & other theming items to style up your theme or venue.

Can I pick them up, or have them delivered?


To collect, you will need a large vehicle, depending on the garland size ordered, and any extras like framing. We deliver and/or install them anytime you may require. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and to book your delivery time.

Are your balloon garlands delivered premade or are they made at my venue?

We aim to minimise impact at your venue as much as possible. Please ask your event stylist for how we will deliver and/or install your balloon garland in your event space. Installation typically takes around an hour at your venue.

What are my options for a DIY garland?

  1. enjoy the complete DIY experience, order our quality balloons and air inflator, framing, etc; or,
  2. order our premade garland, pick up complete from us and install at your venue


  • allow 1/2 – 1hr per metre of garland if inflating and wrapping your own balloons.
  • as garlands are inflated with air, they will need to be hung. Consider hooks, framing, backdrop, photo wall, 3M hook options

What happens to the balloons after the event?

Customers or the venue will usually remove them. We can collect them on your behalf, a bump out fee applies.

How far ahead can a balloon garland be set up?

Indoor garlands can be installed up to a day before your event. Outdoor balloons are not recommended to be installed until the day of the event, and preferably away from direct sunlight or windy conditions.

Garlands can last a week or two in ideal conditions, but will oxidise, giving a matte finish over time.

A note on general balloon safety & environmental factors

  • Our balloon garlands do not use helium, so are generally safe.
  • As members of PEBA (the Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance), we advocate the safe disposal of all your party waste, including balloons, into rubbish.
  • Our latex balloons are made from natural latex from sustainable rubber tree farming. They are biodegradable over time, so will breakdown in landfill.
  • Please be careful if popping balloons with confetti, glitter or other stuffing inside them. Place them in a bag, then pop with the top of the bag closed over your arm to remove the risk of stuffing materials exploding out of the balloon, especially around peoples’ eyes, also pools and waterways.


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