Trios - 3-Balloon Helium Ceiling Designs


Trios - 3-Balloon Helium Ceiling Designs

Helium balloon arrangements are an amazing and economical way to dress up any occasion. 

Our floor bunches are tailored to your occasion, with many shapes, designs & an enormous range of colour options.

These clever designs add distinction to every event, from elegant weddings to corporate events & themed kids' parties! 

On receipt of your online order, we will be in touch to confirm the details of your order, balloon colours, any special requests, and availability for delivery. Most of the year, orders can simply be slotted in, however, some peak times we will need to check for you as we can have very large orders which are pre-booked well in advance. We always recommend to book your balloon orders in early as priority is always given to first booked. 

Please do not make a pre-payment via PayPal. Credit card and EFT options will also be available.

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