"Sunrays" - Oversized Balloon Column Design


Sunrays - Bold Floor Balloon Design

Latex balloon arrangements are an amazing way to dress up any occasion. Our floor balloon designs are tailored to your occasion, with many shapes, designs, party theme & colour options to choose from. They add distinction and high impact to every event, from birthday parties to corporate events, expos, product launches, retail centre stores, & themed parties for kids and adults!

The Sunrays balloon design features air-filled bold latex balloons (printed, pearl or plain to match your deisgn) atop a column with twirled long balloons swirling around the column down to the base. This design is all about colour and big, bold balloon impact. It is pictured here using two contrasting colours, though can be made with your choice of monotonal, contrasting, complementary or a rainbow of colours. This balloon design can be made to the height for your event setting.

Need a smaller design for a table? We also offer a table size version of this design for a truly high impact setting at your event.

Uses for the Sunray Balloon Column Design

Column Balloon Design uses include:

  • birthday party Décorations
  • wedding reception Décorations
  • corporate reception Décorations
  • product launches and corporate sales events
  • retail store special events and promotions
  • lolly buffet Décorations
  • seasonal celebrations at venues - St Valentine's Day, Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, New Year's Eve
  • easy party theming and styling
  • licenced party themes and other themes can be built into this design.

Please call our team for a tailored event Balloon Décorating solution for your special event - (03) 9532 0400

Original design courtesy: Luc Bertrand

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