Latex Balloon Garland


Linking Latex Balloon Garland

Balloons garlands add a truly festive touch to any event. Balloon garlands can be made to any length, with a huge range of colours & prints & combos. They can be Décorated or themed with just about whatever other Décorations you can think of. 

When we prepare your balloon garlands, they will be like long snakes. They are very easy to affix to your wall, ceiling, doorway, etc. There are lots of different techniques & equipment for hanging garlands at your venue.

Please note: most vehicles can accommodate a 20-50 balloon garland. If unsure, ask our team. Alternatives include:

  • Delivery and/or full installation services for balloon and Décor orders - save your valuable time on the day of your event as well as having to 'hang from the rafters' in your party clothes
  • DIY balloon kits with balloons, ribbons 

Why have professionals prepare & install your balloons?

You don't have to worry about inflating lots of balloons yourself. We do all the work for you - great on an otherwise busy 'party' day.

Our professionals are industry-trained and will finish your balloon designs off to our professional standards. They are made from the best quality balloons and helium giving you maximum float time. You don't have to return any equipment after your event. You don't get sore fingers and thumbs. If we deliver your balloons and any pop, we replace them on-site for you - really important for balloon arrangements.

    In fact, we can install all of your party Décorations at your venue ahead of time. Contact our team today.


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