Bulk Charcoal Burger Slider Buns (v)


20 Black Caterers Slider Burger Rolls

We go through a lot of these slider buns at Halloween. They are also popular throughout the year and make a lovely contrast with our white slider rolls.

Our slider buns are made with charcoal giving it that deep charcoal/almost black colour. They are topped with sesame seeds, very useful when being served in the dark at a busy night time cocktail party.

When we created our catering mini burgers, we wanted foods guests could eat cocktail-style, standing up, with a drink and no need for a plate. Our patties and buns are just the right size for finger food.

    Other Mini Burger Options

    Choose from other mini burger options, available through our website, including:

    • mini beef burger patties
    • falafels (vegan or gluten free options available)
    • vegetarian patties (vegan)
    • other dipping sauces
    • gluten free slider buns

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