Bulk Mini Burger Slider Buns (v)


20 Mini Round Catering Hamburger Rolls for Mini Slider Burgers

These little beauties are great for children or adults. Just add your favourite hot or cold filling and serve. Order burger buns only, or take advantage of our special little mini burger package with complimentary choice of sauce (see separate listing). Burger buns are 5cm diameter.

When we created our catering mini burgers, we wanted foods guests could eat cocktail-style, standing up, with a drink and no need for a plate. Our patties and buns are just the right size for finger food, and you will find they are just a little smaller than slider buns.

    Other Mini Burger Options

    Choose from other mini burger options, available through our website, including:

    • mini beef burger patties
    • falafels (vegan or gluten free options available)
    • vegetarian patties (vegan)
    • other dipping sauces
    • gluten free slider buns

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