Balloon Air Compressor - Hire


Balloon Air Compressor Hire

Air compressors for balloon inflation are made by balloon manufacturers to requirements for inflating fragile balloons. Air-filled balloons are an increasingly popular choice as they last much longer than helium-filled balloons, so can be inflated well before the party or the day, and you do not have the cost for helium.

This package is perfect if you have specialty balloons and need to inflate them with air. Our hire package provides you with a free day hire either side of your booked rental date/s (balloons not included). For long-term rentals and purchase of air compressors, please talk with our team.

The air compressors will suit various size balloons. Please check with our team if you are not sure if your balloon necks will fit over the nozzle.

Balloon Air-Inflation Station Checklist

  • air compressor
  • helper/s & time
  • balloons & spares (do not need to be helium quality)
  • accessories
  • something to attach them onto if they are not being placed on the floor. Eg balloon sticks, twine or ribbon, poles, wall hooks and more, depending on your design.
  • a table to work from
  • access to standard 240v, 10 amp (domestic) power to your table

Our air compressors are a popular choice in preference to cheaply made hand pumps that often break after short use, then end up in landfill.

For a more sustainable party - rent.

Are Your Balloons Printed?

If using printed balloons, check that the print will work with your design. Most directionally printed balloons are designed for helium inflation (neck-down). Our custom printed balloons can be printed according to your design requirements.

Why D.I.Y.?

  • Many companies give a child a balloon as a treat after a trip to the dentist, etc. Our balloon sticks are handy for air-filled balloons. Please ask our team about custom logo printed balloons to give your visitors.
  • You can pre-inflate balloons, ready-to-go for any special occasion that may arise.
  • You do not have to worry about how to transport lots of balloons in your vehicle.
  • you may not be able to collect inflated balloons on the day of your party.
  • Save your party budget for your other party needs.

Important Note About Purchasing Balloons Online

Our party balloons available for sale online are the same freshness and quality of the balloons that we use in our event & venue Décorating service. Some balloons available online elsewhere are of either inferior quality, have a strong acetone smell which affects some people, or are old stock. Please be aware that our balloons are made from sustainably sourced latex, and DO deteriorate over time.

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