Inflation of 28cm Custom Printed Latex Balloons - Add-on pricing


Inflation Add-on Pricing for Custom Printed, Fully Biodegradable Latex Balloons

Have our specialist inflators inflate your balloons for your event. This option is highly recommended if you are familiar with balloon inflation equipment, and for larger orders.

This is for the pricing of the inflation cost component for custom printed balloons. Click on the links to pre-book custom printed balloons:

Note, because of the variations that can occur with this natural product and the generally fragile nature of balloons once inflated, we always recommend ordering at least one spare, or a few for large orders. Our balloon inflators are experienced in working with this product, however, we cannot guarantee against non-supply due to manufacturer faults.

Inflation Choices

All of our custom printed latex balloons from 28cm and larger can be inflated with air or helium. Inflation is a location-based service. We are part of an international network of specialist service-providers to facilitate a professional service solution.

  • air - 28cm balloons are normally supplied with sticks
  • helium - 28cm balloons are tied with a ribbon

If your balloons are part of a custom gift or Décor design, unlimited options may be available. Talk with our team.

Custom Gifts & Décor Designs

For a more exciting promotional or thank you gift, combine your custom balloons with any one of our amazing promotional products, custom printed products, stickers, delivery and gift packing services. Please contact our team to discuss your plans & desires.

Why Choose Us

Quality balloons = professional finish, last longer, more reliable
 Helium quality balloons - inflate with air or helium
 International inflation & delivery services
 Quality printing finish
 We can create artwork
 Custom gift soloutions, delivered nationwide and internationally through our professional network
 Huge range of balloon colours & finishes - including metallic, pearl, solid and matte
 Many balloon sizes for printing from standard 30cm size right up to giant 90cm size latex 
 PMS colour matching & printing options
 Fast, efficient, personal service - Australia-Wide


Latex balloons are created with natural materials from sustainably produced latex tapped from rubber trees. Rubber trees need to be kept healthy, not cut down, in order to produce latex.
Our team can provide a wide range of sustainable extras and accessories, including biodegradable ribbon.
Balloons should NEVER be released outdoors and we do not supply balloons for this purpose.
Our balloon helium is a byproduct of helium processed for medical use, and is utilising what is otherwise a waste product.
We are active members of PEBA, the Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance. Read more here.

Popular Printed Balloons

We have been serving the community for many years now with our balloon printing services. We have near endless options in customising balloons.

If you are looking for promotional merchandise, never overlook the power of balloons! We're confident we can meet all your corporate and party needs. We've got balloons for all sorts of occasions and preferences and so we've put together a list of what's been most consistently ordered by our customers!

Popular Uses For Custom Printed Balloons

Types of events include:
  • weddings
  • invitations
  • special promotion or short term activity, eg, pop up shop or cafe
  • product launches
  • sports gala events
  • retail merchandising & promotions
  • low cost giveaways - popular for fetes and festivals, school carnivals, community events
  • stand out from the crowd at expos and sale days

Choose our sustainably-made latex balloons and inflation service with confidence.

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