Latex is a naturally occurring product, sourced from living trees, which remain intact throughout their life. Our latex balloons are 100% natural latex sustainably harvested from living rubber trees, are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Balloon sizes

Our most popular balloon size is 25-30cm in diameter. We also provide 40cm (16 inch) and 70-75cm balloons for high impact event decor.

How are the balloons printed?

We offer two solutions for your promotion, party or launch event:

  1. cost-effective, bulk supply screen printing onto quality latex balloons. Screen printed balloons can be provided to you uninflated for inflation in the future. Printing ink can be PMS colour-matched. Printer and artwork set up is complex, so minimum printing quantities apply:
    • 30cm - 50/one colour on one side.
    • 100/one colour two sides
    • 250/two colours on one side, three colours one side, two colours front & one colour back, three colours front & one colour back; two colours two sides; four colours one side; one colour four sides.
    • 40cm - 50/one colour one side
    • 100/one colour two sides or two colours one side
    • 250/three colours one side; two colours front & one colour back; three colours front & one colour back; two colours two sides; four colours one side.
    • 72cm - 10/one colour one side, one colour two sides, or two colours one side.
  1. individually decorated balloons with custom cut adhesive vinyl logo, image or message. This method is hand-installed onto your balloon once inflated, on the day of your event. The vinyl piece/s are too heavy and will stop 30cm helium-inflated balloons from floatng; air-filled 30cm designs are suitable. Many larger size balloon options can be created for your event with air-filled and helium-filled designs.

Will my balloons float?

Yes. All of our balloons are made of top quality latex and are suitable for inflation with helium.

Our colour range includes:-

  • Solid colour balloons available in a variety of bright or opaque colours.
  • Crystal colour, see through balloons
  • Metallic or pearlised balloons which are not see through. 


How long will a helium balloon float?

The float time for a standard size balloon is around 8 to 10 hours, depending on environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and whether the balloons are indoors, or outside.

How long will an air-filled balloon stay inflated?

An air-balloon can remain inflated for months if placed away from heat, wind (including air-conditioning) and direct sunlight, giving you extra mileage for launches and promotional campaigns.

What is the most cost-effective option?

For bulk quantities, choose screen-printing. Consider having a timeless print, eg, logo only. Many schools and organisations order balloons for their requirements for 5+ years, then book our helium tanks as needed for their events. You can also bring the balloons to us if you would prefer us to inflate them for you. Another cost-saver is to order multiple colour balloons and multiple colour print runs. Then you can use a different colour for each season/year, within the same initial artwork set up costs.

How long can printed balloons be stored?

As with any natural latex product, balloons do perish over time. They can be stored uninflated for at least 12 months when kept in a dry place away from heat and light. Many of our regular customers have brought their balloons in for inflation 5+ years after printing.

What is ink transfer?

When printing a Dark or Red Ink on a light coloured balloon there is going to be some ink transference, this would include small or tiny ink splatters - however once the balloon is fully inflated, ink transference will disappear from the balloon.

Printing Method

Our balloons are printed with a high quality Screen Printing method with inks specially developed and prepared onsite in our Australian-based printers.

This process is a very high quality printing finish with solid ink coverage and a good bold text appearance on the inflated balloon. The text should be easily read from a distance.

What about the potential for print distortion?

The balloon is inflated before printing, creating a moving substrate for printing. Any type of shape (square, rectangle and circle) will distort on a fully inflated balloon. This is due to printing on a curved, moving surface. As each individual balloon inflates differently in this process, the distortion from one balloon to another may occur in different places. E.g. the top right of a square may distort on one balloon and then the top left of a square may distort on another. To help eliminate/reduce the potential for distortion,  artwork maximum print areas have been established.

Can I have a photo printed onto my balloons?

Yes. A clear, high quality photograph can be reproduced on to a balloon in mono tone, simulating a newspaper illustration. This is achieved by using a technique called Stipple. There is a separate artwork set up charge for converting your photo into a printable form.

What is stipple?

This is using different thickness of dots to either create the illusion or tones, shades and graduated fills or to differentiate between a dark colour and a light colour within a design if we can only print it as a 1 colour print.

Should my balloons be printed neck down or neck up?

  • Neck Down is for floating helium filled balloons or for air inflated balloons that are going on sticks and cups or to be handed out to be self inflated.
  • Neck up is for air inflated balloons that will be hung from the ceiling or displayed hanging in bunches.

How do I prepare my artwork for printing?

Our aim is to produce the best printed balloon possible. It is importaht that your artwork is provided in the highest resolution available. If the resolution is too low, the end result will be saw-toothed and pixilated.

Artwork formats accepted:

  • An EPS is best
  • a tif, jpeg or pdf can also be used
  • Resolution:- 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher to insure a top quality print.
  • Size:- Your artwork will be printed within a 12cm square for 30cm balloon. Should your artwork require redrawing or touch ups, we will advise if there is an additional artwork fee.

Can you design my artwork?

Yes. Ask our team about options. Keep in mind that web addresses can be long, and may not be easy to read on smaller size balloons. Social handles (hashtags) can be more compact and more effective. Artwork including photos can be designed for you by our expert Art Department. Please ask for a quote for this service.

How many colours, and where can my design be printed?

  • We can print your balloons with a number of printing options - One colour ink printed on one side or both sides of your balloons.
  • Two colour inks on 1 side of your balloons, or one colour ink on one side and a different colour printed on the other of the balloons.
  • Two colours on two sides of your balloons.
  • Two colours one side and one colour on the second side of the balloons.
  • Three colours one side of the balloons.
  • Three colours one side and one colour on the second side.
  • Four spot colours on one side.
  • One colour on four sides.

Can I have different artwork on each side of the balloon?

Yes. A popular choice is for a name/text on one side, logo on the other.

Multi-colour printing artwork requirements

Artwork must have a 3-5mm gap between ink colours when multi-colour screen printing. This is due to movement that occurs between each ink colour printing. The balloons are inflated for printing. The first colour is printed, then the balloon is moved to the next position to print the second colour. There can be some movement when changing positions of up to 5mm.

Artwork proofs

An Artwork Proof is provide for your approvald prior to printing. 

Can I get a printed balloon sample?

Pre production samples can be printed for you. Artwork/production set up costs and freight to provide the stock to you will apply. 5 to 10 samples will be provided. If there are no changes are made to the artwork, these charges except for the freight, will be deducted from your final order.

How are my balloons supplied?

Normally balloons are packed into bags of 250. We can organise for your balloons to be packed according to your specifications. These can be packed into bags of single or mixed colours. There is usually a small packaging charge.

How far ahead do I need to order my printed balloons?

We usually work to a 5 working day turnaround after artwork approval. During peak season, we ask for as much notice as possible. If you do not have 5 days, please get in touch with our team, and we will do our best.

Do I need ribbons or balloon sticks?

Ribbons (helium) and balloon sticks (air) are the most common way to secure and handle giveaway or purchased balloons once inflated. Our team of award-winning decorators can create a high impact balloon arch, hang giant, printed balloons from the ceiling, and produce many more custom design ideas that incorporate your printed balloons.

If you have any questions about balloon printing options and suitability for your event, please contact our experienced team anytime.